Promotion for Workers

Promotion for workers on the move.


During COVID periods, this promotion will be discontinued.

For more information, please contact the management.


There are single beds in the rooms.  Linen is provided by the farmhouse which uses a laundry provider for hotels and is changed weekly. Applying for an early exchange involves an additional fee.


The cleaning of the room's bathroom will be carried out by the property staff every other day. More frequent cleaning requests require an extra fee.

Breakfast is not included in the offer

In the farmhouse it is possible to have dinner at 8 p.m. and all guests sit at the same table and eat the same menu (unless there are previous agreements for specific problems), which ordinarily consists of a first course, a second course, at least a side dish, a dessert, water, bread, at the price of € 30 per person to be booked by 12 noon. Any vegetarian, vegan, organic, macrobiotic menus are to be agreed with the kitchen.


This offer does not apply on long weekends on holidays in August

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.